10 best apps for travelers

10 best apps for travelers

If you are often on the road, the following selection of apps is just for you

If you're often on the road running your life from your iPhone, the following selection of apps is just right for you. These top ten apps for travelers will make your travels, trips, and business trips easier and more organized.10 best apps for travelers

10 best apps for travelers

1. Google Maps

Free: iPhone, iPad и Android.This app is probably the most popular among travelers. Instead of bringing your GPS, buying weighty maps, or printing out routes before you leave, use Google Maps to navigate your way around. To avoid high roaming costs, buy a local SIM card. Of course, you can find a million alternative map apps to this app, which even offline can help you not get lost.

2. TripAdvisor

Free: Android, iPhone, iPad, Palm и Windows.When you need to plan where to stay, where to eat, and where to go, TripAdvisor can help. Use the app while traveling to find a good local restaurant or hotel. A great feature of the app is the "Near me now" option, which offers a selection of restaurants, cafes, fast food joints, hotels, and attractions in your area. Thanks to the app, you'll be able to find places you wouldn't have stumbled upon on your own.

3. Instagram

Free: iPhone и AndroidInstagram is one of users' favorite social networks and one of the most frequently used travel apps. Through the app, you can share photos from your trips and post them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You can also preview the places you're going to visit with the Explore option: see what they look like and find out about things to do and where to eat well.

4. Sunscreen

Free: iPhoneThis is a very useful app if you are traveling to hot, sunny countries. Sunscreen detects the level of UV radiation in your area and then sets a countdown time based on your skin type and the SPF value of your sunscreen. This way, you'll know when you need to reapply protection.

5. Echo112

Free: iPhone и Android.One of the most necessary apps if you are traveling alone or in countries with an undeveloped social life. Before your next trip home from Thailand or Tanzania, you probably won't be writing down the numbers of the local rescue service in case something happens to you in a dense jungle or a car track. This free iPhone and Android app was created for adventurers: it sends your location to the rescue services that are closest.

6. Google Translate

Free: iPhone, iPad и AndroidUsing Google Translate is much more convenient when traveling and communicating with other people than carrying a dictionary or phrasebook. The program translates 64 languages and works much more effectively than desperate gesticulation and inarticulate mooing (although it does not always perform an accurate translation).

7. XE Currency

FreeiPhone, Blackberry, Windows и AndroidThis app translates currencies and also provides current data, a calculator, and saves data for offline use.

8. TripIt

Free: iPhone и iPad, Android, BlackBerryTripIt is an incredibly handy travel app that is an online travel guide and itinerary planner. You can send flight, lodging, and rental car information to the app, or use the auto-import feature if you're a Gmail or Yahoo email user, and TripIt will organize everything for you and export the information to your calendar. You can also use the app to manage your frequent flyer accounts and stay in touch with your friends.

9. Seat Guru

Free: Android и iPhoneIf you're a frequent flyer, Seat Guru (created by TripAdvisor) is designed to make your life a little easier. With this app, you can search for flights and check flight statuses. There's a great "Seat Map Advice" option where you choose the perfect seat on a particular plane: maybe you want to sit as far away from the toilet as possible or between sections for more legroom.

10. FlightTrack Pro

$9.99: for Android, BlackBerry и iPhone/iPad.Another app for those who are always in the sky is FlightTrack Promade, which is designed to manage flights. You'll get updated information on flight times, terminal and gate numbers, terminal maps, and flight delays due to weather. There is a list of over 3,000 airports and over 1,400 airlines, as well as an offline mode for in-flight use.

If you'd like to suggest your app in the top 10 best apps for travelers, write in the comments, we'd love to add it to the selection!


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