Best games of 2016 according to the App Store

10 best games of 2016 according to the App Store

Winter is coming... With it comes the New Year and taking stock. The App Store is now the first to start summarizing. Not so long ago we told you about The best mobile apps of 2016. I recommend taking a look at the material, there are many unexpected solutions, as well as clear favorites like Prisma. Let's talk about the best mobile games from the App Store 2016 for the iPhone. In this list, too, there are games that surprised us. Rather surprised the guys from Apple, but they know better, we talk about the top mobile games for iOS phones 2016 according to the AppStore.

Best games of 2016 according to the App Store

It has long been noted that Apple is not indifferent to design. That's why all games have a cool design, sometimes unexpected, but always finished. Always evoking emotions and wow-effect. The top games of 2016 in AppStore are arranged in alphabetical order, so as not to disadvantage or provoke a cholivar. We'll go through each supergame separately and give our opinion.

The Trail

the trail is the top iOS game of 2016 according to AppStoreA very peculiar life simulator. You will be engaged in gathering, creation (to create objects and weapons), as well as small elements of the economy. The game is built from the third view, you can zoom in and out the camera. The world of the game is huge, pretty interesting tasks and do not cause boredom. The game allows you to create things, trade them to get access to new locations, build houses and even entire cities, to improve them. The game introduced a social element - together build the city and travel more fun and comfortable. While the game still has cheats, but we will not tell you where to find them, because the opponents of this method of play.

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Plant vs Zombies Heroes

Plant vs Zombies Heroes - the top iOS game of 2016 according to the AppStore

Another card game, the golden age of which began with the release of Hardstone. We wrote about the features of the game Plant vs Zombies Heroes and nuances for newcomers. Overall, the game does not reveal any new facets or innovations to the genre. Although, as a way to maintain diversity and attract the younger and more arcade generation to the genre, quite excellent. Yes, and the development of the brand of Plants vs. Zombies in itself is respectable, the developers do not stop there.

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FIFA Mobile Football

FIFA Mobile Football is the top iOS game of 2016 according to AppStoreExcellent soccer simulator from EA. In the game you will see almost all the famous soccer players, players. Your team will fight for quite famous trophies like the Champions League, or create your own tournaments with your friends. Of course there is the possibility of controlling the tactics of the team, use Individual abilities and feints of players and plunge into the transfer maze, earning in-game currency (We deal with it here). The game includes "crafting" - the ability to create a "star", use it wisely, Read more about this. The game deserves to be on this list, for sure!

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Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade - the top iOS game of 2016 according to the AppStoreDo you remember the races in Star Wars? It reminded me of something - the same breakneck speed, interesting racing machines, unusual scenery. All in all, it's a great race. The only (is it the only? 🙂 ) difference - we are racing on jet skis. The game even has a script, you can make a movie. You were caught doping (just kidding) and kicked out of the great world of jet skiers, now, to get back on top - you have to start from the bottom, to ride the swamps and rivers, to prove their skills. Of course, you will be given new types of jet skis and currency to upgrade existing ones. What else you should pay attention to - the graphics, splashing water and water in general are drawn so realistically, it's amazing. I think that's why Apple chose this game in their top best games of 2016.

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Very funny logic game, reminded me of "spots". To be honest, there's nothing more to say about it and it's a bit strange how it got on the 2016 games tome list. Again, let's remember that Apple loves design, and Diane here is flawless. Check out the video, the gameplay is uncomplicated - connect the lines.

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Rodeo Stampede - Sky Zoo Safari

Rodeo Stampede - Sky Zoo Safari My current favorite. The game is addictive. Not that - a little more, a little more, no. Just quite leisurely, once every 6 hours you can develop - go in, open the Zoo, make a few runs and then go about your business. But first things first. You are the owner of the Zoo. And your task is to fill it with animals, and for this you drive around the world (starting with Savannah) and catch animals. The more unique the animal is, the more money it brings. Each animal is very individual and has a character, if suddenly you want to sit on it longer than it's supposed to. For example, the ostrich just crashes, the giraffe ejects, the bull starts kicking and the lion eats you :). Wonderful game, with pixel cute graphics, completely free and does not require much time. By the way, there is Russian.

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Steppy Pants

Steppy PantsAs the developers say about themselves - the most realistic walking simulator! Basically, all we do in the game is walk. Yes we are. It's eerily unconventional. It's intriguing and addictive. Again, the same pixelated graphics - oh, get it like everyone else, and most importantly - funny. Really funny, in places, the game. And a bit too much advertising, dear developers should not be so greedy, and with the translation screwed up.

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Chameleon Run

Chameleon RunA wonderful game - a very usual "ranger" with an unusual idea - the change of colors when running. It's hard to explain on your fingers - watch the trailer. For me - so very fun and unusual. Again, cool graphics, despite being pixelated, physics of objects and just a beautiful game.


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Clash Royale

Clash RoyaleThere is absolutely no need to present Clash Royale is a great mix of a card game and a MOBA.. A game that has conquered millions this year. Let me remind you that this is an online strategy game, which is also based on maps. I'll just repeat what it says in the AppStore description of the game. The game didn't stick with me.

  • Fight in real time against opponents from all over the world for trophies;
  • Get reward chests, collect powerful new cards, and improve the ones you already have;
  • Destroy enemy towers, win crowns and get epic royal chests;
  • Build and improve your card collection with new Clash Royale items, as well as dozens of warriors, spells, and defensive structures from Clash;
  • Create your own invincible battle deck and fight your opponents;
  • Go through many arenas and make the list of the best;
  • Create your own clan to share maps and build your own fighting community;
  • Challenge co-workers and friends to a duel;
  • Learn different tactics while watching the best duels on TV Royale;


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twofold inc.

twofold inc.Another game of logic. And again "spots" 🙂 You have to scroll the playing field with chips so that the cells of the same color are collected in one move. It would seem that it is simple, but no. And this activity is very exciting and not always easy.

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On that cheerful note, we end our review of the best games of 2016 according to the App Store. The top 10 games include 3 games with pixel graphics, 2 puzzle games, and several simulation games: a soccer simulator, a life simulator, and one race. What do they all have in common? Great graphics, sound and thoughtful storytelling. That's about it. Good luck and peace to you!

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